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Enter the future

Cisco ISR (Integrated Service Router) offers you the opportunity. You’d like to switch to Voice over IP? Need a firewall and IDS/IPS? Require an ISDN, DSL, VDSL, SDSL, fibre connection which is secure? Want a backup function in case your line or router fails to work? Need a wireless LAN or a wireless controller? Want to get the most of your bandwidth? Get your CISCO ISR router now, which links and manages almost everything!

• 800-Series
• 1800-Series
• 2800-Series
• 2900-Series
• 3800-Series
• 3900-Series
• 6500-Series
• 7200-Series
• 7600-Series

Higher performance, no down times, POE routing, VLAN, access lists, build-in security, QOS, VLAN, 802.1x – these are only a few keywords which should bring Cisco Switches to your mind. Increase the security, speed and reliability of your network today! With the Cisco Catalyst series you’ll always be a step ahead of your competitors.

• 2960
• 3650
• 3800
• 4500
• 6500

Cisco ASA-Series stands for increased security for your network – provided through one device – by means of intelligent protection mechanisms, such as firewalls, IPS, anti virus, anti spam, anti mailware, using the tried and tested Trend Micro Engine, SSL and IPSEC VPN. Come to the market leader and order your secure company structure now with Global IT Networks. We support you during planning, design and installation.
ASA5505 – ASA5580

Today, Cisco IP telephony already offers the features and security of tomorrow. Reduce your administration work, telephone in HD voice quality; use the advantages of video telephony, mobility, extension mobility and millions of other features. Link your external locations, using a central telephone system.